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Saturday, November 13, 2010


When Adam and I were getting premarital counselled, one of the main things I came away with was that of thinking about/understanding stewardship. Tom never hit the subject hard but it was one of those things where the Holy Spirit was like 'Hey. I'm impressing this on you. Think about it. Keep thinking about it." Tom talked about stewardship in regards to his children. How he doesn't own them. They are given to him by the Lord and he is responsible to do his best with them. But there are things that he cannot control. In the idea that there are things that he cannot control is where a proper perspective of stewardship comes into play.

Today was the memorial service for Karen Richardson. Her husband, Kent, spent time sharing from his heart. One of the first things he said was, "Karen was never mine." She belonged to the Lord. Again, my heart was so struck with the stewardship thing. Kent was a steward over Karen, but she wasn't his. He didn't own her. Christ bought her. Christ owned her. Kent just got to take care of her and love her etc.

I really want to be a faithful steward. I want to keep in mind that I do not own Adam and I do not own Titus. They are not mine. I'm here with them. I love them and I am taking care of them. But should God call me or one of them home I will need to be ready to let go and to know that each of us belong to the Lord.

Stewardship definitely strikes my heart the most when I think of it in the context of having to let go. If it's my baby and I had to let go, it would be so hard. So VERY very hard. This is exactly why I need to realize that I am a steward and not an owner.

I'm so glad the owner is God.

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  1. Erin, both of your posts about Karen resonate so much of what I have been thinking and feeling about her passing and in respect to my duty as a wife and mother to my family, and a child of God. Thank you for so wonderfully articulating these things!