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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

2 Months

Titus had his 2 month baby checkup last Friday. I was so excited to go because I was so curious as to how much he weighed. He seemed like he was getting big, but I wanted to know how big.

Titus weighed in at 10lbs 15oz and was 23 inches long.
When he was born he weighed 6lbs 1oz and was 20 inches long.
So, he gained 5 pounds and 3 inches! Good boy!

This is Adam snuggling Titus in his blankie since he was in just a diaper waiting for Dr. Kim.

This was after his shot. =( We decided to go the vaccinations route. We did however, ask if we could get them spaced out rather than having 8 at once. Dr. Kim was totally on board with that. We were told that he is the only Ped. in that practice who allows spacing of vaccines. We were thankful. So Titus got one shot and goes back in 2 weeks for another, then again in 2 weeks.

Adam comforted Titus with a bottle (it was feeding time anyway so it was perfect).

And this pic is for free because the outfit is cute. Titus was fussy instead of smiley but, Hey! This is a real life blog. Sometimes Titus is fussy. And even when he is fussy, he is still adorable.

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