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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Iced Tea

So my biggest pregnancy craving, as everyone knows, was iced tea. I used to daily drink Dr. Pepper in large quantities. But once I was prego, I knew that Dr P wasn't my best choice, but also the times I drank it would hurt my tum tum (like most things did) so it was quickly phased out of my diet.

The tea craving really began when I remembered Wahoo's had 50cent refills on their drinks and they had passion fruit iced tea. I LOVE passion fruit (or tropical) iced tea so much! So I would often pop in for a tea.

I could never afford a daily Starbucks tea, but thankfully, Starbucks iced tea is about my least favorite of all teas out there.

Sooo the tea became my trademark. I took my Wahoo's cup to the Dr. and asked him how many of those of tea I could have a day and still be safe with my pregnancy. He told me I could have 2. I was so happy to hear that I could have two. Even though tea is a diuretic it still helps me drink a lot more liquids then if I tried to stick with just water alone so it was good for me in that sense.

The craving did not end though, once Titus was born. In the hospital friends would ask if they could bring anything and I would have them stop at the In n Out across from the hospital and get me an X-Large iced tea.

Problem has been, all the teas are bought. They are made outside the house and we have to purchase them. That's not easy on the budget. I always looked for the best deal, but still ... it adds up. I mentioned to Adam that maybe we should buy one of those iced tea makers. He wanted me to try first to make the tea without one. So I tried all different routes of brewing tea. None of them were ever as good or as satisfying as the store bought teas. I couldn't figure out the difference.

At Mike and Lisa's wedding rehearsal, I was talking to Yetta about the whole iced tea thing. They have an iced tea maker and I was saying how I was thinking of getting one. She said they are great because they percolate the tea. *click!!* There was the key factor I was missing!

So last week, or earlier this week, Adam and I packed Titus into the car and headed to Bed Bath and Beyond with one of our wedding gift cards and a 5 dollar off coupon. BB&B was out of tea makers though. They were kind enough to order one and have it sent directly here and since it was an out of stock item they waived shipping. We were able to get a great deal!

Today, my iced tea maker arrived. I almost think he deserves a name.

I just ran the first cleaning brew through and now am making my first batch of tea. I didn't have quite enough ice to make it a legit first brew and I also want to buy the loose leaf tea that Yetta uses but we are well on our way to saving a lot of money.

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