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Tuesday, February 15, 2011


So I have my computer on the corner of the table that gets internet. I'm thankful for my little spot. It does drop the internet several times a day, but lately I've been able to get it back within a few minutes. It just runs pretty slow (i.e. no Grooveshark for Erin). But who cares? I get to check my email and see what's up on Facebook.

This is my 1 square foot spot on the table that gets internet:

Rather than trying to come up with some super relevant post though, I just need to get back in the swing of more consistent blogging since I am no longer without internet. To kick it off I just thought I'd share a couple pics of what is going on in Apartment 37 right this moment.

These are some of the boxes we have packed so far. My goal is to eventually get them stacked on that wall behind the table where the tree branch picture is currently hanging (see above pic):

This is the pizza dough rising for dinner. I am making Adam a BBQ chicken pizza:

And these are my lovely Valentine's Day flowers and balloon from Adam:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Internet and Titus Pics

So I haven't been able to blog lately because we barely have any internet connection. I hate that the blog is suffering. But tonight there is a faint connection so I thought I'd say Hi and relate a brief story.

Last Friday, Adam and I went out to Red Robin to use a gift card we had. After dinner we spent a few minutes walking around the mall, but it was getting to be Titus's bedtime so we headed toward the mall exit. As we passed by the photo taking store one of the employees came running out to us and asked if they could please take pictures of our baby. Adam asked if it was free and she said, yes. So, we ventured in. Remember it was the end of a long day of a long week. Titus was in comfy clothes and had drooled and spit up and it was way past his bedtime by the time we started taking pics.

BUT... here is the link
Passsword: titus1

They also gave us a free 10x13 of picture number 2 since they chose us for pictures. So we have a giant adorable pic of Titus to frame.

It was totally unexpected and rather encouraging. =)