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Friday, November 19, 2010


1. Tomorrow is our one year anniversary. One year. So much has happened. Lots will happen in year 2 as well.

2. Love the weather. Overcast and rain. YES! It makes the Christmas music seem a lot more real.

3. Made banana bread this morning. Last time I made banana bread it was so good we ate the loaf in like 3 days. So this morning I made 2 loaves. I also put choc chips in it again. Delicious! I'm eating a fresh out of the oven warm piece right now.

4. I think for our anniversary tomorrow I get to get my nose repierced. I miss my nose ring so I am very excited to get it back in. (I had to take the ring out for my c-section and we didn't get the ring back in before the hole closed up.) I think I actually want a bigger one this time. I feel like the last one was just a speck on the small side. Hopefully Adam will go with me and he can help me pick something.

5. Titus has developed a cough. I don't appreciate it. He keeps wanting to sleep too so I know he's not feeling well. Yesterday I fed him and he was fussy so I picked him up and was holding him and he instantly fell asleep. He doesn't really do that anymore. And today I fed him and he just wanted to go to sleep so he had no waketime, just headed straight in for his nap and went right to sleep. Poor little guy. I'm taking him to the Dr. at 1:30 this afternoon to get him checked out.

6. Lisa, Lauren and I are having a little craft day on Monday. Christmas crafts. I think I will try and sew stockings for the 3 of us. I also want to buy some felt and maybe make some little felt animal toys for Titus. And Lisa was thinking of making a Christmas version of the garland I made for my wedding. I think that is a great and fun idea so I may do that as well. And then another friend posted a pic of a yarn pom-pom ball wreath. I think it's cute. Maybe I will try that. And then in my Better Homes & Gardens December issue there was a felt flower garland that was super cute as well. So we'll see what prices are running at Joann's and what I can afford. I'm excited though.

7. We are making an announcement in church Sunday night at Turkeys Tarts & Testimonies.

8. I've been playing around with Titus's schedule. For a while he was going/sleeping 5 hours in between feedings at night. Then all the sudden he stopped that and was back to waking up every 3.5 hours at night. So rather than keep his late night feeding (the 10 or 11 one) and trying to get him to sleep til morning. I dropped the 10 or 11 feeding so that when I put him down in the later evening he can just stay asleep. So far it seems to be working. He is back to that 5 hour stretch and then he does a 3.5-4 hour stretch after that. Progress!

9. I finished the Susannah Spurgeon book and am now onto the 2nd book Patty gave me to read. It's called These Strange Ashes by Elisabeth Elliot. I'm only a few pages in so far so I'm still waiting to pull out some awesome things.

10. You should see our Goodwill pile. The end.

11. My mom has a friend in town from NY for the next 2 days. I get to go over there and show off Titus. I LOVE showing off Titus. I am so SO proud of him and I just want everyone to see him.

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  1. Debie loved seeing and holding Titus-thanks for coming over to see us!