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Monday, March 28, 2011


I have amazing thoughts, sometimes. Adam is super lucky because he gets to hear them all and therefore, often gets to realize what a genius he has married.

For example, I came up with this beut. a couple weeks ago:

"Adam, what if instead of leap year every 4 years they just got rid of the entire month of February and then every 29 years, we had February?"

or this one:

"Adam, what if every car was required to have a thermometer and the speed you drove was the temp outside? For instance, our thermometer says 45 degrees so we should drive 45mph."

Then in CA they could drive 110 mph!

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pictures 2.

Here is the TMC team hanging out at our house. They hung out with us in Newhall to kick off the trip and they hung out with us in Wyoming to bring the trip to a close. It felt good to have people hanging out at our new place.

Eric loaded our dishwasher.

This is Sarah. She is the student who hung out with us for several days helping me get the house set up. She did anything and everything I asked her to do and when I couldn't think of anything for her to do she would go and find things to do. Hard and joyful worked, that girl. Titus felt comfortable with her.

Icicles hanging from our very own residence.

Moose walking on our very own driveway..

And! Adam fed Titus some rice cereal. They had fun together. I love my boys.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Bubba's (Not the Seafood Place).

Some of you may have seen my recent Facebook status that went something like this:
Dear Spicy Jalapeno BBQ Sauce,
I will learn how to make you.
You see friends, Adam and Titus and I went to a local eatery called Bubba's last week. We wanted to get their pulled pork sandwiches. When the waitress brought us our plates she also handed us a squeeze bottle of spicy jalapeno bbq sauce. I dipped my fries in it. Then I put it on my sandwich. Then I pretty much wanted to get a straw and just drink it. I am not a lover of BBQ sauce. I am a lover of spicy jalapeno bbq sauce. It was so delicious.
Adam and I also had fun taking pictures of Titus while we were there. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Well Friends,
All the pictures from the past week are on my wonderful Adam's computer and not mine. Which computer am I currently blogging from? Mine. That means? No current pictures. It does, however, mean a newsy update on our lives. =)

We have been here 12ish days. It has been good!

1. We have continued to be humbled. We accidentally got our car stuck in the slushy snow of our very own driveway last week. Newbs! Mhm! We worked together, as Team Howard, to try and move the car but we could not do it. So we humbly called our pastor and asked for advice. Our friends, Neil and Natalie came over to help move the car. It was quick! I was putting a casserole into the oven and looked out the front window and the car was there! So I looked out the front window more closely, and saw our friends standing there talking to Adam. So kind.

We invited Neil and Natalie to stay for dinner. It was a thrown-together casserole and this was the first time I had used the oven in the house. It started to reek of cleaner. Whew! Stinky! I promised them that was not dinner smells and they then told me that the house they moved into after they were married had mouse poop in the oven somewhere that burned up when they first were using their oven. They said it stank sooooooo bad and that the cleaner was no biggie.

2. Last Sunday night we attended our second church gathering. Such an encouraging time. Titus napped in his moby wrap like a rockstar so I got to stay in the service the entire time. Then we had potluck spaghetti and salad and bread for dinner. There is a gal in the church here named Ashley. Weekly, she coordinates/plans what the meal will be for Sunday and then assigns everyone an item to make/bring. It keeps it all equal and ensures that there will be a good amount of food and not all of one thing. What an amazing blessing and talent to our church body she is!

It also snowed during the entire evening and when Adam and I walked outside, our car was covered in snow. We could see fellow friends using brushes to swipe the snow off their windshields etc. I turned to Adam and said, "Well.... We have that ice scraper." So I got Titus in his carseat while Adam slowly scooped away the snow. Next thing I know our car is being swiftly brushed off by 2 men. It was so quickly done! Again, humbling. Newbs! We bought a brush at Kmart the next day.

3. Our house is awesome! I had to warm up to it a little bit. Having all the boxes mostly unpacked has been super helpful.
- We still need to hang up our art to make the walls more personalized.
- We have no garbage disposal.
- We have conquered and been conquered by our woodstove. But daily, we have a fire in it.
- There is a main hiking/biking trail-ish road thing right across the street from our house. Leslie came over yesterday and we went on a walk. It was pretty.
- Our tub/shower is abnormally high off the ground.
- We have a blue tile floor in our bathroom.
- We have florescent lighting in our living room. I hated it til last night.
- Our carpet is very interesting. I will take pics and show you.
- Our dryer didn't work. Today a repairman came out and fixed it and I just dried a load of laundry and did a happy dance. I prayed that the Lord would, if it was His will, let us have a place with a washer and dryer. He totally answered my prayer. I am a happy housewife and a thankful child of God.

4. Titus has grown a lot since we got here. He is outgrowing onesies and jammies. He is also beginning to take naps in his crib in his own room. He looks sooo little in his crib. But he is such a big boy being out of the cradle.

He sat up and played some this afternoon - all by himself. Adam and I sat at the table to eat some lunch so I propped pillows all behind Titus so that if he fell backwards he would not whack his head. He did good. Folded forward then moved his legs out so he was on his tummy. Then he bit his blanket - then he tried to grab his Yoshi - then he cried. I love Titus.

I'm still only giving him rice cereal. And I am not giving it to him everyday. It seems that everytime I give it to him he spits up a lot more. He pretty much doesn't spit up from nursing anymore and so I don't really like giving him the rice at this point even though he LOVES it. So most days we nurse but then maybe every other day or every three days I will give him some rice. He did eat a little bit of banana today. He liked it. He's so interested in what Mom and Dad are eating and drinking.

5. Homemade chicken potpie for dinner tomorrow night.
6. I need a haircut.
7. Bye!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Quarter Cookout Outreach

Back in the day - many moons ago - when I was attending College of the Canyons, I was involved for a year-ish with Grace on Campus, a Bible Study that met weekly and was (is still?) hosted by Grace Community Church. One of the outreaches of the Bible Study was to do a quarter cookout. It was a pretty big 'to-do.' A truck had to be taken to Smart and Final and there the cookout items were purchased in bulk: nachos, burgers, hot dogs, chips, soda etc. It was a great time. Flyers were printed up explaining the quarter cookout was coming and Bible Study folks would also walk the campus handing out flyers, and on those flyers they would even tape a quarter to it. The hopes of the outreach were to most importantly share the gospel, encourage community, build relationships etc.

Cornerstone has adopted the Quarter Cookout. It happens yearly (I think) when the Spring TMC missions team arrives. The cookout is set up at some local place - I don't recall the name of it - where there is lots of foot traffic because people park their cars there and ride a bus to the slopes. So as they go to and fro on the bus they load/unload at the site of the cookout. The hungry skiers smell that delish BBQ smell and hopefully cannot resist spending a quarter. As they are fed, the surrounding folks seek to engage them in a bit of conversation and also hand them a packet of info on Cornerstone and - I think - other gospel related material?..

Titus and I went for the first hour or so. It was snowing pretty hard and Adam and I were concerned for Titus with the temps and his(our) un-acclimated bodies. Plus, Titus just plain ole drools a TON and we didn't want him to get all chapped. So, eventually Titus and I headed home while Adam stayed behind. (Titus's feet were pretty chilly when I got back. =( I took his socks and shoes off and put his feet directly on my legs and under a blanket. I felt like a bad mom.)

Here are a few randomly selected pictures from the event. I can tell that they are not all in the folder for some reason. The complete album is on Adam's facebook if you want to see more..

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Titus Meets Noah

Titus and Noah got to meet for the first time this week. It was super fun seeing them together. Titus is almost 5 weeks older than Noah. They just wanted to grab each other and talk to each other. I think that's a pretty solid foundation for a lasting friendship.

That last pic cracks me up because Noah looks so shocked.

Friday, March 18, 2011


Here is Titus, sitting up like a big boy. The lighting on the shot is so funny. The computer lit him up while the yellow permeates the shot because we have 2 tiny little recessed lights in our gigantic bedroom.

Titus sitting in his chair. He wasn't unhappy, he just wasn't smiling.

But look at those cheeks. I love them.

This is Adam's fire. He has done so great making fires for us.

Look how rip-roaring this is!

Our First Church Gathering.

Sunday morning the TMC team showed up at our house at 9:30 to unload the truck. I was so excited to get things into our place. The truck was unloaded by 11:30 and we all went around putting boxes in rooms and starting to put things away. The team left between 2:30 and 3:00 - they were responsible for making the meal for that night.

Adam and I continued to put things away and began a search for clean clothes to wear to the gathering that night. It was a close call. Titus wore some 12 month clothes because that's all we had time to grab for him.

It was a full (school)house that night. I think there are normally about 60 people in attendance. The evening started off with a baptism. It was so encouraging. A local gal, who hosted an open mic night, and I would type her name, but I'm unsure of the spelling. Neil and Natalie began attending her open mic night and befriended her. They invited her to church and eventually she came. She said she hated the first sermon - It was on not filing lawsuits. =) But the Lord chose that she would be saved!

Eric gave a detailed explanation of what baptism was/was not before the gal shared her testimony. From what I've been told there are a good number of unbelievers in attendance so it was crucial for him to develop the concept of baptism. After her testimony and immersion and applause we had a time of singing. Loved it.

Titus was asleep in his moby wrap for all that, but as Eric began his sermon Titus woke up. I bounced him a little bit in the back, but about 10 - 15 minutes in I had to leave to nurse him. So, I ended up not getting to hear the sermon. But it was on the misuse of the spiritual gift of tongues out of 1 Cor 14. I need to listen to it online.

After the sermon, the tables were rolled out and the chairs placed around them and we all shared dinner together.

It's not my strong point to meet strangers, but being in a new church service meant that there were lots of strangers. I spent some time talking to people I knew, but also tried to talk to a few new people. I figured I didn't need to meet everyone all at once, but I also knew I shouldn't just stick in my comfort zone and talk only to familiar faces. Eventually I will get to know everyone. That will be nice.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pictures From the Moving Days:

 A triple shot of Titus and I sitting in the empty apartment. He has a cute face.


Mike, Lisa, Lauren and Jeff came to say farewell, share a final meal, and give us that photo memory book I mentioned in a previous post.

Grammy hugging Titus goodbye. This picture makes me cry. Too much emotion in this shot.

Ye ole moving truck, with our donation to the curb of Newhall standing by.


Lunch stop in Salt Lake City