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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Hands and Things

In the past few days, Titus has been doing lots with his hands. I'm not sure it's safe to say he's 'discovered' them because I really don't think he knows they are attached to him and that he can control them. But he has been grabbing my shirt, his shirt, my hair, punching daddy's face and he takes lots of opportunities to suck on his fingers. Once he even managed to get only his thumb into his mouth and spent a while sucking that.

Titus has also been smiling a lot more. Yesterday has probably been his happiest day yet. When I woke him up from his nap in the early evening for his next feeding, I brought him out to change his diaper. When I lay him on his changing table I normally spend some time talking to and kissing him. Yesterday when I was talking to him he looked at me and gave me a giant smile. It was precious. And it was all for me.

Yesterday Adam and I started listening to Christmas music. I listened to my few usual break-the-Christmas-season-ice cd's and then when Adam got home we spent the rest of the evening listening to all the Sufjan Christmas CD's. Today I created a playlist of all the Christmas music and I have that playing now. Too bad it's 85 degrees outside.

Today is my big brother's 29th birthday. It's different this year to think of my brother as a baby boy since I have my own baby boy now. I can't imagine Titus being 29. Hopefully when Adam gets home from work we can give Jeremy a call and sing our traditional birthday song to him. He loves it and looks forward to it every year.

Look at those cheeks hanging down.

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