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Monday, March 14, 2011



We're safely here in Wyoming. Here is how it played out:

Friday we got the rental truck and Uncle Kelly -aka Mr. Coudsy - and Lisa - aka Pizza - showed up to help us begin loading. Lots of trips up and down the stairs. More friends arrived throughout the day and the TMC team showed up about 2. The truck got loaded but we did have to leave a few things behind on the curb in Newhall. You know, things like, our couch and a filing cabinet and an end table and a box of clothes. =) We felt no heartbreak about leaving those things behind. I was really purposing in my heart those final days of packing to just be as unattached to my things as possible because there was a chance that boxes labeled "Fragile" could be dropped or my favorite pieces of furniture could get gouged or our truck could spin out and tip over.

Friday evening our dear friends the Cornelius's and the Holmquist's came over for a final dinner. We sat on the floor of the empty apartment 37. They also put together a precious photo memory book starting from the beginning of our friendships. We stood in a circle looking through it and at the end tears were shed as we hugged each other goodbye.

My parents came over to say a final goodbye. Mom could barely even talk because she had so many tears, but she was full of hugs. My dad prayed for us and Adam promised them he would take good care of me.

We then headed to Master's where the team was gathering and from where we would depart. Some prayer and some tears later. Titus and I were packed in the car with Eric, Leslie and 16 month old Charlotte. One final stop at In-n-Out in Sand Canyon and we were on our way.

I drove the first stretch of the journey because I was awake. On a bit of an adrenaline rush, I guess. We stopped in Barstow to fuel up. Then in North Las Vegas for gas again. Then in St. George for a quick breakfast. Then at somewhere else. Then in Salt Lake City for lunch. Then in Evanston. Then a quick stop to work with the headlights of the rental truck. Then we arrived at the Davis home in Jackson.

The journey averages about 16ish hours. It took us 21. The Lord gave us good weather. We ran into a little bit of rain/snow but that was about it. There were some humbling things about the drive which I would like to write about in a later post.

But for now, we are here, we are safe, we are warm, we are filled and we are thankful.

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