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Tuesday, March 15, 2011


New culture, new climate, new church gathering, new location.. These things require learning. Here are some tips that have been passed on to me. I eat 'em up.

1. We are at a very high altitude. Our bodies have to adjust to this. I think I seriously got winded singing "Jesus Loves Me" to Titus tonight. I've been told the adjustment can take a couple weeks and that we can get easily winded, headaches, and need to drink extra water.

2. When driving, if you see a deer (perhaps other animals as well) honk the horn. I haven't been told this one, but I've experienced it.

3. When driving on the roads, if I am going over 45 and there is an animal in the way hit it. Let off the gas to slow as much as possible first.

4. Kick your shoes on the side of the car door opening before getting in to shake off as much snow as possible.

5. It's a standard courtesy to take your shoes off when entering a house so that you dont track snow and mud through it.

6. When building relationships with the unbelievers in the community and they are conversing with us about their sinful behavior, say something along the lines of, "I hear ya.." rather than nodding or laughing or something else that could convey support for the behavior.

7. It is better to be overgeared (i.e. snow boots, jackets, galoshes, etc) than not.


  1. yes to all of these! especially 4...but not so much 2 :) sooo funny that you honked at a deer! i've never done that before. maybe i will try it next time. usually i just slow down and give them dirty looks.

  2. i didnt honk. i havent even driven yet. it was eric.

  3. I laughed when I read you got winded singing to, different world for sure. Love #6...that will be one I'll use in the future!