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Monday, March 21, 2011

Quarter Cookout Outreach

Back in the day - many moons ago - when I was attending College of the Canyons, I was involved for a year-ish with Grace on Campus, a Bible Study that met weekly and was (is still?) hosted by Grace Community Church. One of the outreaches of the Bible Study was to do a quarter cookout. It was a pretty big 'to-do.' A truck had to be taken to Smart and Final and there the cookout items were purchased in bulk: nachos, burgers, hot dogs, chips, soda etc. It was a great time. Flyers were printed up explaining the quarter cookout was coming and Bible Study folks would also walk the campus handing out flyers, and on those flyers they would even tape a quarter to it. The hopes of the outreach were to most importantly share the gospel, encourage community, build relationships etc.

Cornerstone has adopted the Quarter Cookout. It happens yearly (I think) when the Spring TMC missions team arrives. The cookout is set up at some local place - I don't recall the name of it - where there is lots of foot traffic because people park their cars there and ride a bus to the slopes. So as they go to and fro on the bus they load/unload at the site of the cookout. The hungry skiers smell that delish BBQ smell and hopefully cannot resist spending a quarter. As they are fed, the surrounding folks seek to engage them in a bit of conversation and also hand them a packet of info on Cornerstone and - I think - other gospel related material?..

Titus and I went for the first hour or so. It was snowing pretty hard and Adam and I were concerned for Titus with the temps and his(our) un-acclimated bodies. Plus, Titus just plain ole drools a TON and we didn't want him to get all chapped. So, eventually Titus and I headed home while Adam stayed behind. (Titus's feet were pretty chilly when I got back. =( I took his socks and shoes off and put his feet directly on my legs and under a blanket. I felt like a bad mom.)

Here are a few randomly selected pictures from the event. I can tell that they are not all in the folder for some reason. The complete album is on Adam's facebook if you want to see more..

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  1. Cool idea! I wonder if our church could put on something like this...hmmm. You are NOT a bad mom--just learning.