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Friday, March 18, 2011

Our First Church Gathering.

Sunday morning the TMC team showed up at our house at 9:30 to unload the truck. I was so excited to get things into our place. The truck was unloaded by 11:30 and we all went around putting boxes in rooms and starting to put things away. The team left between 2:30 and 3:00 - they were responsible for making the meal for that night.

Adam and I continued to put things away and began a search for clean clothes to wear to the gathering that night. It was a close call. Titus wore some 12 month clothes because that's all we had time to grab for him.

It was a full (school)house that night. I think there are normally about 60 people in attendance. The evening started off with a baptism. It was so encouraging. A local gal, who hosted an open mic night, and I would type her name, but I'm unsure of the spelling. Neil and Natalie began attending her open mic night and befriended her. They invited her to church and eventually she came. She said she hated the first sermon - It was on not filing lawsuits. =) But the Lord chose that she would be saved!

Eric gave a detailed explanation of what baptism was/was not before the gal shared her testimony. From what I've been told there are a good number of unbelievers in attendance so it was crucial for him to develop the concept of baptism. After her testimony and immersion and applause we had a time of singing. Loved it.

Titus was asleep in his moby wrap for all that, but as Eric began his sermon Titus woke up. I bounced him a little bit in the back, but about 10 - 15 minutes in I had to leave to nurse him. So, I ended up not getting to hear the sermon. But it was on the misuse of the spiritual gift of tongues out of 1 Cor 14. I need to listen to it online.

After the sermon, the tables were rolled out and the chairs placed around them and we all shared dinner together.

It's not my strong point to meet strangers, but being in a new church service meant that there were lots of strangers. I spent some time talking to people I knew, but also tried to talk to a few new people. I figured I didn't need to meet everyone all at once, but I also knew I shouldn't just stick in my comfort zone and talk only to familiar faces. Eventually I will get to know everyone. That will be nice.

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