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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Humbling Parts of the Drive

Like I mentioned there were some humbling parts of the drive. I was expecting the move to be humbling, but you never know how it will all play out, you know? So, here are some accounts.

1. When we left the Sand Canyon In-n-Out I was behind the wheel so that Eric and Leslie could try and get some shut eye so that they could continue the drive later. I was wide awake and familiar with the land so it was a good option for me to drive. We had a caravan going; a jeep, minivan, saturn, moving truck and us, in a subaru.

Eric made sure I knew to take the 14 to Pearblossom (138) to Barstow. Got it. I had traveled the roads before. We pulled out of the In-n-Out parking lot a little bit after everyone else, so Eric mentioned that I could go ahead and catch up to and get in front of the truck. So I sped up to catch the rental. I passed them. And since I knew the way to Barstow I kept going. A few minutes later, Eric asked me if I could hang back to catch up with the group. I ended up passing them all. So I hung back waiting for them to catch back up and to make sure that Johnnyboi was in the front, leading. Soon the Pearblossom exit was coming up and the team hadn't caught back up and I knew I needed to exit. So I got off, but the ramp split and in the frenzy of my trying to hang back for the group, plus not come to a stop on the offramp I didn't know if I was supposed to go left or right (so much for knowing how to get there huh?). So I inched right and woke up Eric to figure it out and I saw all the team go right by me to the left of the offramp and up and over a bridge. NOOOO. Eric told me to take a left and hop back on the 14 and then get off and re-get back on the 14 to get on the Pearblossom exit the correct way, but as we went left the road - Praise God - turned into Pearblossom and we caught up with them team in about 5 minutes. Phew!

2. After fueling up in Barstow, I had to nurse Titus. That was taking a few extra minutes and the group was ready to head out so Eric sent the team on their way towards Vegas while I finished up with Titus. I was still awake so I was to continue driving. We left about 8-10 minutes after the team. Eric told me to catch up to them but to take my time doing it. The speed limit was 70. So I went 75 and was on the lookout for the team. Allllll the way to Vegas I never saw them. As we were entering Nevada we came upon a town full of glitz and lights. I was like, "Wow, we are already here." I was thankful because I was tired. I hadn't caught the team and I didn't know where to exit to meet them at the Flying J so I woke up Eric, told him we were in Vegas and that I had not caught the team yet. He told me that wasn't Vegas. Vegas was still 40 miles away. NOOO. I woke Eric up out of sound sleep for the wrong town! I continued to drive. As we entered Vegas, Eric woke up. I told him I still hadn't caught the team. He got in touch with JB to find out if they had already made it to the Flying J. He hung up the phone and said, "We are ahead of them." I was like, "Really?" and inside I was so horrified. How could I pass a jeep, minivan, Budget moving truck and saturn? How could I pass all those cars while I was on such a careful lookout for them? It was so embarrassing since I had already made a mistake at Pearblossom. Eric decided it would be best for us to make a freeway loop rather than exit to the gas station so that we could keep the babies asleep. We were like 20 minutes ahead of the rest of the team!! =( I apologized for not being more on my game and then Eric said to me that the group had pull off to rotate some drivers and it was at that point in the catch up game that I must have passed the team. Phew!

Those are my accounts. =)

Some other humbling has gone on as well. I will try and share soon.

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  1. oh my goodness Erin! I can totally relate to that kind of thing;) Way to hang in there...& praise God for gracious co-pilots.