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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sleeping and Crying

So far, the hardest thing about parenting for us(me) is figuring out sleep/cry stuff. Some people don't let their kids cry themselves to sleep at all, some let their kids cry and cry. To solve the crying problem some parents co-sleep. Others rock their kids to sleep and then ever so gently lay them down, only to have their kid wake back up and the routine starts over again.

As we've established Titus's bedtime routine, he has easily fallen into a groove with it. What has been great about it, is that when he finishes nursing, I burp him and lay him down in his cradle and kiss his head and cover him up. He is normally very sleepy but he knows I put him down and he settles in and doesn't make a peep - other than sometimes sucking his fist a bit - and falls asleep. He has been great at it and I have been so proud of my boy for doing such an excellent job going to bed.

The past two nights have been different. I'm not sure what the change has been. But I've burped him and laid him down and he has cried so hard. Since it's been out of the norm, I keep going in to check on him. I soothe him and see if I can get any more burps out of him. He settles the INSTANT I pick him up. I rock him and tell him I love him but that it's still night night. I lay him back down and he cries and my heart just breaks.

Tonight, he cried, I picked him up. He burped. I laid him back down. He cried. I picked him up. No burps. Laid him down. He cried. I kept him in his cradle but rubbed his back and "shh shhed" him. He cried. I picked him up. Soothed him. We rocked for a few minutes and then I told him that this was it. It was still night night and mommy couldn't come back in this time. I laid him down and we both cried really hard tonight.


(Note: I am not asking for any advice, just merely sharing. Thanks.)


  1. You did well! =8D

  2. Joy's been giving me a hard time the last couple nights, too. Maybe it's something in the air. I've also heard that when babies are growing or working on new skills they have more trouble sleeping. It always breaks my heart to hear my babies cry, though; even with William still, I will usually go in after a few minutes to check on him (just a couple isolated incidents in his life where we've just had to let him cry himself to sleep).

    No advice. Just empathy. =/