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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Reflection 3

Reflection 3:
Since I have a wee babe I've been thinking alot about Jesus as a baby. What sticks out to me the most, is Christ's humility.

Humility = humiliating. No one likes to be humiliated.

Jesus became a baby. A helpless, needy baby. He mildly laid his glory aside, fit himself into the womb of a teenager who was ready to be ashamed, and came out in a busy busy busy busy town that cared nothing of who he was.

As I've nursed Titus, I've thought of Jesus and how Mary nursed him. To me, I am amazed at how humble a suckling babe is. They rely on their mother to feed them. All they can do is cry when they are hungry but just because they cry doesn't mean their tummy is filled. There is nothing they can do to satisfy their hunger until the breast is placed in their mouth. I know it's graphic, but it's humbling. Babies have to open their mouths wide and use their tongue to suck the milk and to think that Jesus had to do that astounds me. Jesus, the God of all, had to suck his milk from a sinful human. It makes me pause. It makes me pause again. I think about it a lot. He was humble. And I am thankful.

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