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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Popy LaDashy

This is the story of Popy LaDashy.

A few years ago I was housesitting for the Coudsy fam as they celebrated Christmas in Texas. Mike and/or Lisa, Jeff and Lauren and Adam and I went over to watch a movie at some point and up on the Coudsy's fireplace mantle was a big white snowman with raised arm, as if it were waving. Next to the snowman, on the mantle, was a wooden block sign that said Happy Holidays. We made fun of the sign for saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas. Adam then proceeded to rearrange the letters. What was born that day was Popy LaDashy, the waving Christmas snowman. When the Coudsys came home their Happy Holidays sign was next to the snowman saying "Hi Popy LaDashy."

For my bridal shower, Susan gave me the wooden blocks. That Christmas, Lisa, painted Popy LaDashy onto a canvas for us to hang on our wall.

Popy is 3 years old now and we are hoping he will grow and prosper and bring lots of smiles to people.

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