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Monday, December 13, 2010


People have been getting rude here at The Californian when it comes to laundry. It makes me sad because the bulk of people who live here are believers. There are tons of stay-at-home-moms.

A couple weeks ago, my friend Lisa came over to do some Christmas crafting with me and she brought laundry to do during her couple hours here. She got her laundry into the washer and in the allotted amount of time went down to move it to the dryer. And then within the allotted amount of time went down to claim it and bring it back up to our apt to fold it. When she got down there. There was a lady who had moved all of Lisa's laundry back into her laundry basket and told Lisa that she 'didn't have time to wait.' I thought that was pretty rude especially considering that Lisa didn't leave it sitting for hours unattended in the machines.

Today I did a load of laundry and the same thing happened. I promptly moved it from washer to dryer and after the allotted amount of dryer time I went down to grab it. It was all sitting in my basket on top of the washing machines. It was still hot. So I just missed whoever it was that moved it. But it was still HOT. That means she either 1. ended my drying time before it was up since it normally does a little bit of a cool down or 2. was impatient and thought I wasn't coming to deal with it. It REALLY bothers me. I was there to get my laundry. Instead it was stuffed in my basket getting wrinkly. I did not keep that person waiting. AND I was only using 1 of the 4 dryers. I'm pretty sure they are using all 4 now.

Adam and I agreed to never monopolize the machines. That's not considerate when it comes to community living. We don't hog stuff for ourselves.

Anyway, I wrote Adam an email about the situation. I also picked up the phone to call the manager but hung it back up. I sinfully wanted to just open the dryer that my clothes were in and stop the person's load from drying in sync with all 3 other loads, but thankfully the Holy Spirit convicted me against doing that.

(Even though I still really want to.)

If it were me, and I desperately needed use of all 4 dryers and someones finished load was in there I would at least fold it for them or SOMETHING. But I would just never let things get to a point where I had to take someones laundry out so that I could use the machine. It's rude and inconsiderate and selfish. Plus we dry a lot of little things now that we have a baby and I like to double and triple check the dryer because there are crevices in there where things get stuck when you empty the dryer out and now I'll not really know if all my stuff made it out of the dryer.

There were some ladies out front hanging out. I almost asked if they moved my laundry, but I figured I needed to give myself a couple hours to just absorb my pride and get some distance from the emotion. Hopefully Adam will be home for lunch and I can get some perspective from him. If he agrees, then I will call the manager.

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