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Monday, December 6, 2010

New Ornaments

Every year we get a new Christmas ornament or 2 or 3. Last year our yearly ornaments were 2 wooden robots that were our wedding cake topper. There is even still cake on the bottom of them. (They're hanging from an "E". I have a sign on our treetop that says PEACE, instead of the typical angel or star or bow.)

This year when Adam went to Target he came home with the most adorable owl ornament for me. I love it so much! Hanging to the right of it is a sparkly blue and white mushroom. I bought that one this year at Cost Plus. Saw the mushroom and couldn't resist it's cuteness. So our theme this year seems to be nature related ornaments.

We went with multi colored lights on the tree this year. So fun. So us. And our tree is propped up on an old wooden picnic basket to make it look taller and more eclectic. Again, so us.

I'm really diggin' our tree this year.


  1. Hey Erin, we really miss having you and Adam as well as Titus with us. Your first visit here with us, you and Adam decorated our tree. I'm still waiting for inspiration to show up so that I can get our tree up this year. After reading your post and looking at your pix I feel a little stir!

  2. I almost got you guys that ornament. Good thing I didn't.

    We got an owl ornament from Target too! (Not the same one.) And we have those snowflake ornaments (in brown and gold).