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Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Drive To Town.

This is what our drive to/through town looks like. We are in Wilson which is about 7 miles from town.

It starts out with Adam kindly pulling the car around from the garage to the front of the apartment/house so that Titus and I don't have to walk too far in the cold.

Then we drive.

We enter Jackson..

Here is our main intersection. (There are many intersections, but this is the one that connects to our road, so this is the intersection we see the most.)

Cleverly named Laundromat.

Our grocery store - Smith's. Owned by Kroger which owns Ralph's. It's pretty nice.

Adam had to buy some Cool Whip for us to take to the Buczinski's house.

The river rafting buses sitting dormant for the season just waiting for Spring.

And some more driving.

Are you cold yet?

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