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Friday, January 14, 2011

A List

1. It feels like fall today. Had to turn the A/C on in the car because it was so warm out.

2. I got have lunch with my great friend Ashley today. It was nice being in her home and watching her parent her 2-1/2 year old. Plus, I love talking to her. We always laugh so much.

3. Adam and I are using one of our Christmas gift cards to go out to dinner tonight.

4. I've been looking forward to it since last night.

5. I caught this special moment between Father and Son while we were in the waiting area for Titus's 4 month appt:

6. Shortly after we were married, Adam bought me a food processor. Recently I've been using it to shred blocks of cheese rather than buying already shredded cheese. It works great and it saves us money. I'm a fan.

7. I love Titus.

8. Last night I fed Titus at 8pm and he slept until 5:15am. That's the longest stretch he's ever done.

9. Adam wants me to get me to get bangs again. Like these:

10. I don't know if I have thick enough hair for bangs like that, but I really love her hair. So I'm gonna talk to Lisa and give it a try. She'll be a good judge of what my hair will do.

11. I've been playing the clean out the freezer and pantry game trying to get rid of all of our food so that we don't have to move it with us to Jackson.

12. Things are looking emptier but I still have a ways to go.

13. Not so much with the freezer but moreso with the pantry. Although, I do have a lot of grains and nuts in the freezer.....

14. I love Adam.

15. I'm gonna miss my family when we move.

16. I love my family.

17. Adam got me the best pair of gray skinny jeans for Christmas. They were one size too big so we took them back and got a smaller size.

18. That pair ended up having a hole in the seam on the leg so we took them back too.

19. Tonight while we are out on our dinner date we are hoping to go back and get the pants again.

20. Hopefully the third time is a charm.


  1. We are going to miss you so much too when you move to Wyoming (tears now)...and we love you too! If you have any food left it can come here :) I really like the haircut with bangs-it will be interesting to see what Lisa thinks! The picture of Adam and Titus is priceless. Have fun at dinner tonight!!